In a recent conversation, I enjoyed sitting with Marat from The ARK Costa Rica, a community-based project to create a sustainable and fulfilling way of life for residents.

Marat, an Estonian national living in Costa Rica for seven years, outlined their project's vision, emphasizing integrating traditional living methods with conscious technological solutions.

The ARK Costa Rica: A Sustainable and Regenerative Community

The ARK Costa Rica is a holistic project offering a combination of personal wellness, sustainable living, and community activities. Located on a 56-hectare plot near Montezuma, this project uniquely blends beautiful landscapes, from jungle terrains to rivers and waterfalls.

The community focuses on sustainable and regenerative methods, implementing systems like permaculture, hydroponic farming, and composting to promote a sustainable lifestyle. The idea is to create a setting where residents can learn from the Earth and nature, become self-sufficient, and gain practical knowledge beyond the traditional education system.

The Yearning for a Natural and Sustainable Lifestyle

Reflecting on the global changes and struggles, particularly after COVID-19, Marat noted a growing shift in people's desire to live closer to nature. In many ways, the pandemic forced us to slow down, reassess our priorities, and consider what we truly want from life. Many of us are yearning for a more natural and sustainable lifestyle, free from the constraints of the rat race.

It is interesting to see how families, in particular, seek more opportunities for their children to grow closer to nature rather than being cooped indoors with electronics. The ARK Costa Rica aims to provide a platform for this, nurturing a new environmentally conscious, practical, creative, and tech-savvy generation.

Building Collaborative Networks

Marat also emphasized the importance of collaboration over competition, particularly in developing sustainable communities. He highlighted Costa Rica's growing fame as a hotspot for intentional communities and discussed the potential of networking and exchanging knowledge among these communities to foster cooperation and mutual growth.

A Practical Blend of Modern and Traditional Living

While maintaining a deep respect for nature, The ARK Costa Rica also acknowledges the role of technology in our lives. They aim to incorporate conscious technological solutions that are beneficial and sustainable. The idea is to provide a balanced lifestyle that includes practical skills like growing food and crafting while keeping in touch with modern technological advancements.

*NOTE – Learn about Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi is “An elegant philosophy that denotes a more connected way of living—a lifestyle, where we are deeply connected to nature, and thus, better connected to our truest inner-selves. Wabi-sabi is a concept that motions us to constantly search for beauty in imperfection and accept a more natural life cycle.”

Accessibility and Future Development

The ARK is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, an area known for its longevity and health benefits. For those considering a visit or a more permanent move, the community is accessible via a boat taxi from Montezuma, a short drive from the local airports, or a five-hour trip from Jaco. The exciting news of an upcoming marina in Tambor will enhance the region's marine connectivity.

This region of Costa Rica is experiencing considerable development, with new clinics, schools, and sustainable projects underway. It's an area that embraces the new while honoring the old, striving for a life rooted in nature but complemented by modern.

A Final Thought

The conversation with Marat was a breath of fresh air. It's exciting to see projects like The ARK pioneering new ways of living that align with nature and sustainability.

For anyone interested in learning more about their project or potentially buying a property, tours are available to experience the community firsthand. This combination of old wisdom and new advancements could pave the way to a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle for future generations.

The growing interest in such communities suggests that many of us are ready for a change, seeking a slower, healthier life and more attuned to the rhythms of nature. Whether you are considering a move to Costa Rica or simply interested in sustainable living practices, it is worth keeping an eye on the development of The ARK Costa Rica and similar projects.

Amid our busy lives, projects like these remind us of the beauty and peace of living closely with the Earth. It's an old way of living but new for many of us - a 'new old way,' as Marat described.

Who knows? Five years from now, we might marvel at the progress The ARK Costa Rica has made and how it has helped shape a new way of living in harmony with nature. Their vision is compelling, and seeing how it unfolds in the coming years will be exciting.