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Thinking About Moving To Costa Rica? Slow Down...There's A Few Things You NEED To Know...

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      • How much you’re going to spend day-to-day and why you can’t work in Costa Rica (and how you still can make money while living here)

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  • The dark truth about armed home invasions: The growing problem (which other sources WON’T tell you) in Costa Rica, and how to prevent this from happening to you

  • The BIGGEST mistake foreigners make when purchasing land in Costa Rica, which leaves them waiting years before construction can even begin… (page 25)

  • How to avoid the nightmare so many expats experience when trying to obtain Costa Rican residency (many spend YEARS waiting because they make this one mistake)

  • What you should know before even thinking about renting or buying a home

  • Answers to popular questions I get all the time: Can I use my foreign drivers license? How do I bring my pets? Should I ship all my things and my car to Costa Rica? (page 37)

  • ...and many other ESSENTIAL-TO-KNOW topics before you’re ready to make your move